On Saturday, May 30th, Elite Tournament Gaming hosted their 15th LAN tournament at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, New York. 37 teams arrived at the event ready to compete for a $3,700 prize pool. 

Team Vanquish, captained by long time ETG competitor Silpy, took the event by storm not dropping a single series against some of the fiercest competition ETG has ever seen. Not only is this Team Vanquish's 2nd ETG championship, but this is Silpy's 6th local lan championship in a row.


We sat down with ETG President Ryan Russo and this is what he had to say about ETG and future of the company:

 "It's incredible to see how far we have come in such a short amount of time. Seeing 37 teams lined up outside our venue on Saturday was not only exciting, but extremely humbling and truly a testament to all our hard work and dedication. 

As far as the future of ETG is concerned, my partner and I have had some very serious, long discussions and we believe we are ready to take ETG to the next level - whether that be a national LAN organization, or simply hosting large scale LAN events in the tri-state area. We're pretty much preparing to branch out from the local scene and become something bigger - perhaps similar to what MES is doing right now. That's our goal." 

Whatever the future holds for ETG, there is no denying their elite status within East Coast eSports. With an outstanding reputation within the community and a drive to consistently evolve with each event, the sky seems to be the limit for Elite Tournament Gaming. 
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